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We have been producing documentaries about social justice since 1973, and have always included study guides used by educators and activists leading discussions with our work. These can be downloaded for free under our specific titles.

We believe that films can be part of a movement for social change, but they need to be incorporated into a process in which audiences bring their own experience and needs to a film screening. This happens in post film discussions in which educators have the time to facilitate personal connections to the subject matter, inspire exciting discussions, and provide specifically tailored resources. Shorter documentaries allow enough time for this process to happen.

We have pioneered this model of social change and we hope that you help us continue this work. Please donate now. Any amount will be appreciated and is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) organization.


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We prefer checks but you can also donate via PayPal
Make checks payable to
"Cambridge Documentary Films" and mail it to:

Cambridge Documentary Films
3099 Hiden Valley Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

We will send you a receipt for your tax deduction.

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