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Here are the award-winning documentary videos we produce and distribute to thousands of universities, community organizations, schools, libraries and public interest organizations all over the world. Our documentaries cover a wide range of topics. Many of them include free study guides, resources and curricula -- click on the title to learn more about a specific film, watch the first minutes, and more.



*Community Choice, International Museum of Women, selection*
*Winner of Best Documentary, Ovation Film Festival*
(among others)

This 19 minute documentary reframes and destabilizes the observer's reaction to the changes in a woman's body after she's given birth. Women talk with ambivalence, humor and love about the scars, marks and stretched skin that brands them as mothers.

Rape is...


*PASS Award, National Council on Crime and Delinquency*
*USA Film Festival*
(among others)

This 30 minute documentary explores the meaning, severity, and consequences of rape. It looks at rape from a global and historical perspective, but focuses mainly on the domestic cultural conditions that make this human rights violation the most underreported crime in America.

The Strength to Resist : Media's Impact on Women and Girls

strength to resist

*Moab Film Festival, People's Choice Award*
*Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival*
(among others)

Over 20 years ago, we produced and directed "Killing Us Softly" and "Still Killing Us Softly." In reponse to viewers who expressed the need for a new approach to the topic, we produced this new 33 minute documentary. It documents the fight against the toxic and degrading messages to girls and women that dominate the media.

Strong at the Broken Places : Turning Trauma into Recovery

Mike in strong at the broken places

*Council on Crime & Delinquency PASS Award*
*PASS Award, National Council on Crime and Delinquency*
(among others)

A documentary about people, devastated by trauma and loss, who find common ground for their journeys to recovery.

Defending our Lives

Lisa in defending our lives

*ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER for Best Documentary Short*
"Outstanding Independent Film" New England Film Festival
(among others)

About the magnitude and severity of domestic violence in this country, the film features four women imprisoned for killing their batterers and their terrifying personal testimonies.

Healing the Wounds: A Life Without Vengeance

montage representing violence

*PASS Award, National Council on Crime and Delinquency*

This 26 minutes documentary starts critical discussions on media literacy, violence and human behavior that are essential to our understanding of our actions and motivation.

Pink Triangles

image for Pink triangles

*Best Documentary, San Francisco Int'l Lesbian & Gay Film Festival*
*Screened at the London Film Festival *
(among others)

A study of prejudice against lesbians and gay men, "Pink Triangles" was one of the very first films to confront the growth of homophobia in American life and served to alert audiences to the danger of scapegoating and violence that can occur in any society.

Eugene Debs and the American Movement

Please click here to watch this video on YouTube's website

Eugene Debs*National Collection, British Film Institute*
*Screened at the Labor History Film Festival*
(among others)

A documentary of worker struggle centered around the life and times of Eugene Debs. The film is movingly narrated in Debs' own words, read from his speeches and writings, by his friend and comrade, Shubert Sebree.

Not Just A Job

Barbara Sher, Career Counselor

*Blue Ribbon Winner, American Film & Video Festival*
*Silver, National Educational Film & Video Festival*
(among others)

"Not Just a Job" shows a diverse group of eight women as they explore their individual values, interests and skills in a career development workshop. This program is an introduction to a process that, taken step by step, helps each woman arrive at the best career possibilites for her.

Life's Work

Barbara Sher, Career Counselor

*ECPO/MAPA Conference*

The first documentary video to explore career counseling as practiced in the field. The film features four prominent career counselors as each conducts a session with the same client.

Rape Culture

Rape Culture

*American Film & Video Festival*

"Rape Culture" examines the relationship between our culture's sexual fantasies and rape through film and other media.
The film defined "rape culture" for the first time.

Taking Our Bodies Back : The women health's movement

Woman nursing

*American Film & Video Festival*

The classic film that documents the women's health movement

The Last Empire : Intervention and Nuclear War

Bomb exploding

*Blue Ribbon, American Film & Video Festival* (among others)

Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn on a history of U.S. nuclear threats and intervention around the world.

Barefoot Doctors of Rural China

Doctor with children in China

*Best Educational Film 1975, University Film Association Award*

"Barefoot Doctors of Rural China" examines China's innovative efforts in the '70s to provide adequate health care services to its agrarian population.

Hazardous Inheritance

Woman worker with hat

*NAAS Science, Books and Film Festival*
*NE Regional Artist's Fellowship*

Workplace Dangers to Reproductive Health.

The Dragon Wore Tennis Shoes

*Screened on KQED*

A Chinese New Year's Celebration for Children

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