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Thank you for your interest in our films!

To be assured of receiving your film/video on time, please try to place your order two weeks in advance. Massachusetts residents please add 5% sales tax.

Ordering Options

  • Online: PayPal  (Visa / Mastercard or PayPal Login)
  • By phone: (617) 484 3993. We will accept a phone order and assign an invoice number.
  • By email: fill up the order form, and send it to
  • By mail: fill up and print the order form, and mail it to:
    Cambridge Documentary Films
    3099 Hidden Valley Lane
    Santa Barbara, CA 93108
    If you are mailing us an order please include either a organizational purchase order or prepayment.

Purchase Prices

All prices include public performance rights.

Title Price
BirthMarkings $140
Defendiento Nuestras Vidas $185
Defending Our Lives $185
Eugene Debs & the American Movement $125
Hazardous Inheritance $135
Healing the Wounds: A Life Without Vengeance $160
Life's Work: Four Approaches to Career Counseling $210
Not Just A Job: Career Planning for Women $210
Pink Triangles $185
Rape Culture $175
Violar Es... (english & en espanol) $225
Rape is... (english & en espanol) $225
The Strength to Resist: Media's Impact on Women & Girls $220
Last Empire $140
Strong at the Broken Places $230
Taking Our Bodies Back $115
The Last Empire: Intervention and Nuclear War $140

For international express shipping orders, please contact us for charges.
Paid admissions and theatrical screenings, please contact us.


Copying and video taping is illegal, unethical and keeps us from earning enough to make new titles. We want to tell you that as the filmmakers, it is very distressing to us when you do this. It is stealing.

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