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"BirthMarkings" is a 19-minute documentary about the ways that giving birth transforms our bodies. The film reframes and destabilizes the observer's reaction to the changes in a woman's body after she's given birth. The film refocuses on the dynamism and lived experiences rather than the commodified image. Women talk with ambivalence, humor and love about the scars, marks and stretched skin that brands them as mothers.

What they say about "BirthMarkings"

"A beautiful and very important film."
Cornelia vanderZeil, MD, author of Big Beautiful and Pregnant

Startlingly original...Fantastic to use in women and gender studies." Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, Professor of Sociology, UVM, author of Bearing Meaning: The Language of Birth

"Understanding and loving our post-birth bodies is an essential part of childbirth education. What our media culture pushes as a problem, This film reframes as a path to appreciation and thankfulness. The film opens our eyes with beauty, grace and profound emotional understanding."
Judy Norsigian,Co-Founder of Our Bodies Ourselves

Awards and Screenings

Winner of Best Documentary, Ovation Film Festival

Screened at numerous festivals including:
  • The International Museum of Women
  • New England Film Festival Online
  • The LA Short Film Festival
  • The Real to Reel Film Festival
  • The Edmonton Film Festival
  • The Provincetown Film Festival
  • The Best of Fest Film Festival
  • The LACMA
  • The Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Women's Media Action Film Festival
  • Community Choice Selection

Ordering Information

Running time: 19 minutes.
Price: $140
The price includes public performance rights ( you can show it to a class or at a public event.)
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