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Pink Triangles

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"Pink Triangles" is, an educational video about homophobia and oppression. It was produced by a group of nine women and men, both gay and straight, who work as health workers, teachers, social workers, mental health counselors, and historians and in photography, print and film. This film is aimed at all viewers who are interested in examining the common roots of the oppression of all of those who are defined as "out of the mainstream."

"Pink Triangles" was one of the very first films to confront the growth homophobia in American life and it erved to alert audiences to the danger of scapegoating and violence that can occur in any society.

"Pink Triangles" is a documentary film that challenges some of our most deeply-rooted feelings: our attitudes toward homosexuality.

Although the film is specifically about homophobia, it is also about the very nature of discrimination and oppression. "Pink Triangles" examines both historical and contemporary patterns of persecution in which racial, religious, political and sexual minorities are singled out as "different," "not normal" or "inferior" and become the victims of the scapegoat mentality of societies under stress.

The film is a synthesis of many disparate ideas and elements, including:

  • The research of a German-born historian who escaped the Nazi imprisonment of homosexuals and returned to investigate the plight of many thousands who suffered in the concentration camps wearing the Nazi insignia for gay men—the pink triangle.
  • Discussions with mental health and health care providers who are struggling to change institutional biases against lesbians and gay men.
  • Historical material from the McCarthy hearings and the pontifications of the "Christian Right."
  • Perspectives of parents who have confronted their feelings about their children's homosexuality.
  • Ideas of educators, authors and activists concerning the political motivation for homophobic attitudes and the enforcement of rigid sex roles in our culture.
  • A Gay Speakers Bureau discussion about sexuality with a group of high school students.

Awards and Screenings

  • "Best Documentary," San Francisco Int'l Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • First Place, National Council on Family Relations Film Festival
  • First Place, American Journal of Nursing Film Festival
  • Red Ribbon Winner, American Film Festival


Film Festivals and screenings (partial list):

  • Independent Focus, WNET-TV
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • London Film Festival
  • Berlin Film Festival
  • Lost Angeles Film Festival
  • Melbourne Film Festival
  • Mannheim Film Festival

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Running time: 30 minutes.
Price: $185
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