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Rape Culture

screenshot Rape culture

"Rape Culture" was first produced in 1975 and then revised in 1983. It helped to shape consciousness about sexism and violence against women. The term Rape Culture is defined for the first time and the film has played a major role in the emerging movement to combat violence against women.

This documentary examines classic films, advertising, music and "adult entertainment," and documents the insights of rape crisis workers and prisoners working against rape.

This was the first documentary to establish the relationship between rape and our culture's sexual fantatasies. The film shows the connections between violence and "normal" patterns of behavior. The film also attempts to expand our society's narrow and sexist concept of rape to its real and accurate limits. The notion that rape is an isolated sexual perversion, the product of an individual's deranged mind, is dispelled in this film.

Authors Mary Daly and Emily Culpepper expand the intellectual concepts of "rapism," and help to expose the overwhelming support for rapist behavior in our culture.

Nowhere is the relationship between rape and our culture's sexual fantasy better illustrated than in "Rape Culture's" examination of popular films and media.

What they say about "Rape Culture"

""While other films on rape often deal only with technical details of prevention and prosecution (which tend to trivialize the issue rather than contribute to an understanding of the problems), 'Rape Culture' is a real consciousness-raiser."
Leigh Marlowe, Media Editor for Psychology of Women Quarterly.

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