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Taking Our Bodies Back:
The Women's Health Movement

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We completed our first film, "Taking Our Bodies Back: The Women's Health Movement" in 1974. The "shocking" thesis of this film, that women should control their health and regain the knowledge about their bodies that had been withheld by the male dominated medical industry, became a major focus for the women's movement of America.

"Taking Our Bodies Back" explores ten critical areas of the women's health movement, from the revolutionary concept of self-help to the issue of informed surgical consent.

The film documents a growing movement in the 1970s of women regaining control of their own bodies. It shows women becoming aware of their right in dealing with the medical industry. The film explores:

  • self-help
  • birth at home
  • abortion
  • high school women's support group
  • breast cancer
  • research
  • gynecological exam
  • drug company attitude
  • hysterectomy
  • health care for women of color

"Taking Our Bodies Back" was a widely known and used introduction to the subject of women and their health and now is an important historical document about the women's health movement. It has been rented and purchased by schools, universities, libraries, and women's organizations throughout the world.

What they say about "Taking Our Bodies Back"

"We are delighted to support and endorse this beautiful film—Every frame is full of valuable information about women's health issues; self-help, abortion, childbirth and many others, all done with dignity and power."
Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Authors of "Our Bodies, Our Selves"

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